Structure Your Documents!

Release yourself from the page-chapter-paragraph approach and apply the structure of your domain to the content! LivCos allows you to flexibly model your thoughts and to comfortably enter your content. Pages will be generated dynamically as one of many views. read more...

LivCos 0.7

The release 0.7 adds text search capabilities and several improvements to LivCos.

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New Logo

Structured information objects, relying on each other, to form the content of the Cosmos and living, evolving independently. more...

Designed by Karin Rüegg

Web Map

Collect your keywords, ideas and links from the storm in your brain and your Web research with a LivCos Web Map. It's like a mind map and bookmark collection in one Web application.

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Open Source

The LivCos Web application runs on Java 5 and a simple Servlet engine (Jetty, Tomcat). The content is managed with XSLT 2.0 (Saxon).

You can browse the current code at Google Code and discuss issues in the forum.

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