Import Browser Bookmarks
Import Web Browser bookmarks into a Web Map. Folders will be mapped into simple items containing the items for the bookmark with the corresponding link and comments.
Shortcut Toolbar
Icon toolbar at the top middle of the page.
Manual Layout
Allow the user to change the item/relation layout of the Web GUI.
Highlight Stored Change
Highlight the modified relation, note or link for a short while after the change has been saved.
Paths between Items
Feature to show all possible paths connecting two different map items.
Web Map
A Web Map helps you to find your way through the Internet.
Features to Come
Planned features for the LivCos Web Map implementation.
Move, Copy Relations
Simply use the cut&paste feature to move, copy relations.

Move and copy relations from one item into another one.

Ctrl-(copy) and Shift-(move) drag&drop of one relation into another.