Web Map

1 Introduction

A Web Map helps you to find your way through the Internet.

Even though you can add a location or an address to a Web Map, it is not a geographical map. It is a map for information.

The map about a Web Map serves as an example and shows you additional information about the topic.

2 Features

A Web Map can be used as a...

  • Bookmark Manager
  • Mind Map
  • Sitemap
  • Investigation Report

...or simply to provide an overview about a specific topic.

In a map you can...

  • Collect items like notes, links, statements, facts, places, pictures, videos,...
  • Connect these items with each other
  • Group and (re)order these relations
  • Access your maps over the Internet
  • Share your maps
  • View your items as a list ordered by specific topics
  • Track the history of your maps
  • Organize and link your documents by topic

3 How-To

You probably figure out how to handle most features yourself. But to make sure you don't miss the more hidden ones, you better take a look in the user guide.