Features available in a Web Map.
Features to Come
Planned features for the LivCos Web Map implementation.
Data Model
A Web Map is a simple collection of related items.
Web Map
A Web Map helps you to find your way through the Internet.
How to select multiple items and their relations in one go?
Map Select
Simply select the whole map.
Nav View Select
Manually select multiple items in the navigation view.
Branch Select
Select all the related items in the "main" group and their "main" related and so on...
Level Select
Select the current item with all the items, related up to a certain level.
Leaf Select
Select all the related items, not related to further items.
List Select
Select multiple items from a list or table.
Tree Select
Build a relation tree, the current item as the root, to allow to select the items.
Net Select
Render all the related items in a network diagram and allow to select within.
Ctrl-Click Select
General multi-select with Ctrl-Click to select all visible entities in edit mode.

Brainstorming about Web Map features.